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USA 144 Water Street, Norwalk, CT 06854 Telephone	  1-203-523-0253 Mobile    		   1-203-866-3333 Fax              1-203- 854-5765 MÉXICO Mobile       52-55-6675-1085 COLOMBIA Mobile       573-11-486-1385
NPS  International IT Consultancy  - Next Gen Program Strategies - New York - Mexico City - Bogotá - Buenos Aires - Dubai 

Our company NPS International delivers complex project management for the deployment and transformation of technology infrastructure.  We are doing business in the US, Mexico. Colombia and very soon in Chile, Brazil and Dubai.  We have been in business since 2001 as AXIONGROUP and NCIT and merged to NPS in 2014.  


In 2015 we have partnered with a large South American public company SONDA to deliver these type of projects not only to the US but also to Mexico and Colombia and other LATAM  ( Latin America) countries.  SONDA has been in business since 1974 with $1.4Bil a year in revenue and traded on the Chilean stock exchange with over 23 thousand employees.  They are a powerhouse in LATAM and now we are looking at helping them to expand in the US.  We have already delivered a multi-million dollar project for one of our clients Mizuho Bank and are supporting the banks operations in Mexico City with on-site staff and also for the US with both resources and a Call Center.  In 2016 we also started working with RedHat in Mexico City on a similar project to the one pictured below